Consumer Letter

With a husband and two kids, I represent a typical consumer. We have a home to furnish, Christmas and birthday toys to purchase, appliances to replace, bodies to clean and clothe. We are American in our expectation of easily acquiring and using products beyond our basic needs. But I also have an advanced science degree, a history of mercury toxicity with resulting chronic health issues, a husband with a history of cancer and a pre-pubescent daughter with auto-immune problems. My consumer choices are not necessarily fewer because of this approach but they are informed and thus selective.

Recently, I needed to purchase __________. I started my search locally and with name brands. Like everyone, I’d like my consumer path to be easy. It wasn’t, I couldn’t meet our criteria for safe products. (Insert details on product ingredients and its risks here)

My family’s shopping criteria merely avoids known toxic substances and as such should be the same standards applied by our government and our retailers. Instead I had to do more research and shop further away to spend my money elsewhere on safer products. I did not intend for the process to be so effortful or time consuming. I started with you and had hoped to spend my money there. I would have preferred that; it certainly would have been easier. In the interest of other shoppers out there, ready to spend their money on safer options, please let us know when we can count on you to deliver safe ___________ for our families.