TILT, Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance, is another acronym for the illness also referred to as MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or EI, Environmental Illness. As a result of chemical injury during my 20s, exposure to low-level everyday chemicals now makes me ill. Despite my reactivity, I don’t usually feel all that “sensitive” but I do always feel like I am on TILT. Parenting two kids, who do not share my physical limitations, keeps me reaching beyond what I can comfortably do. I stumble and fall a lot, usually without the triumphant soundtrack to emphasize any graceful recovery or wisdom gained. So far, there’s always been a dark comedy soundtrack and another mud puddle to tilt into. Hopefully my stories can help other chemically injured folk avoid some of these metaphorical stumbling blocks and maybe even help some regular folk see why we’re TILTed over.

For the fully tedious, but completely true, medical history you can read one of my first posts, Tilted Mom’s Backstory.

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  1. My dear, tilted friend, I do miss you so! I tried to write a long and meaningful response, but then I couldn’t find my wordpress.com password, and then it kicked me out to reset the password, and then it lost the comment… and now I’m out of time! Dang it! But I love your blog and find it both inspiring and informative. I’ll be following eagerly! Love you, girl!

  2. I too have MCS or TILT, I just want to thank you for sharing your life with us. I saw your link on the Persons with MCS Map Project. I appreciate you. I am moving to Florida soon. Harry Leath.

    • I am so glad Katya started that project! This illness can be very isolating. To overcome it, we have to be deliberate about making connections so thank you for connecting with me. And an early welcome to Florida – hope it will be as healing for you as it has been for me.

  3. Greetings Tilted Mom! Found you through the MCS map as well. I have family living in Tampa, that I desperately want to see. I live in Asheville currently and can’t tolerate the heat here. I’m looking for a safe, non toxic place to stay for January and February near Tampa. Do you have any suggestions? Would consider a safe camp ground as well. (If it’s warm enough!)

    • Funny – I was lucky enough to be in Asheville for one afternoon this summer and it was a great break from FL heat! I do not know of any safe accommodations off the top of my head unfortunately. I have sent a message out to the local Tampa HEAL chapter and maybe they will get back to us with something. In general, January and February should be temperate either for camping or equally useful, keeping windows wide open to fresh ocean air if you are in a home or hotel. The prevailing northern winds make it a breezy time but also helps clear out some of the urban air quality issues if you have to be in the city itself. I will email you some campground sites links directly. I hope something works out – I know how desperate I get to see family!

  4. Thank you so much for sending links! When I said I don’t tolerate the heat, I meant the gas heat in the house in the winter, sorry to confuse! Asheville is an amazing place otherwise, I love it! Thanks so much for emailing Tampa Heal, great to hear there is a local chapter. Appreciate you help. 🙂

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