Rants and Silver Linings

Within Tilted Mom’s Frame of Reference.

This is what I look like on the very rare occasion that I go shopping.

This is what I look like on the very rare occasion that I go shopping. The thumbs up and glazed eyes indicate that the outgassing new clothes have already put me in an altered state.

If you have MCS or know someone who has MCS then you have a frame of reference and it will soon become obvious (as I continue to blog) that I am a highly functioning MCSer.  If you are unfamiliar with the condition it is very important that you understand this underlying fact… I am a freakin’ success story.  This is what winning looks like if you have MCS.  I intend to write about my challenges, struggles, setbacks, guilt and fear.  But all of these issues pale in comparison to the long recovery that I went through 13 years ago.  These current issues are just the effort my family and I extend each and every day to pull of “normal” activities.  I can sometimes go to a movie, or host a dinner party, or even pump my own gas if I position myself upwind.  Most people with MCS cannot do those things.  I know because I used to be like that and I know lots of people who are still like that.  It’s not surprising if you don’t know them.  That’s because they are stuck in their house with an oxygen tank, chronic pain, and a serious case of “the medical community is marginalizing me”.

So as we frame our reference points, there is my success story which has left me struggling with a tilted mom role.  There are typical MCS patients who are still struggling with more stringent limitations.  And then there is the great majority of people on the planet who struggle to secure the basic neccesities of life like clean water, sufficient food, or freedom from violence.  In the interest of sharing and connecting, I hope that I never give the impression that I am complaining.  I am incredibly and permanently clear on the fact that I am not a victim.  I am blessed and I am grateful. Excuse the cliche, but I am truly happy just be nominated.  To still be alive, to be able to parent, and to have the opportunity to learn every day.

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